Tips on How to Choose the Right Silk Salwar Suit and Look your Ethnic Best

The salwar kameez is a popular attire for Indian women. The dress is highly regarded by women primarily due to its comfort and versatility. A salwar suit is appropriate for any occasion and is available in a variety of cuts, designs, and colors. No matter the occasion, a salwar kameez is the best way to look traditional and stylish, and remain comfortable.

What is a salwar suit?

Before delving more into the details of the latest trends in salwar suits and the ways to choose the right one, let us first know what is a salwar suit.

A salwar suit is a traditional combination outfit worn by women of all ages and communities in India. Also referred to as salwar kameez or Punjabi suit, a salwar suit primarily consists of a tunic, a pair of trousers, and a dupatta. The kameez is a long shirt or tunic with side seams left open below the waistline to allow for more movement. The salwar is a type of pant with a wide waist and narrow bottom hem.

How to choose the salwar kameez that best graces your beauty?

With a lot of transformations and alterations of style over time, the modern versions of the attire have evolved. Today, women wear different varieties of salwar kameez which is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

Here are the ultimate tips on how to choose the right salwar suit that will bring out your desi avatar and make you look stunning.

Measurements for salwar kameez

With these easy tips, you can learn how to measure a salwar kameez. These pointers will enable you to take the proper measurements for salwar kameez and get a dress that is tailored to your silhouette.

Quick Tips: • Always buy clothing that is 3–4 inches looser than the size of your body.

• By choosing existing clothing that fits you comfortably, you can determine the size you need to purchase.

Bust: Take an accurate measurement of your bust by wrapping the measuring tape completely around it and your arms.

Waist: You can properly measure your waist by placing the measuring tape above your stomach and beneath your bust.

Hips: To get a perfect measurement of your hips, wrap the measuring tape around your hips.

Salwar: To measure your salwar height, place the measuring tape starting at your naval and letting it flow down to your ankle.

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How to choose suit colors?

For women of all ages, salwar suits are an essential piece of clothing. Salwar suits come in a wide variety of colors, including red, white, pink, green, purple, orange, sky blue, and others. When you are confronted with the question of how to choose a suit color? Always determine your silhouette and the occasion for which you are buying the salwar kameez.

Event or occasion type

You must choose different colors of salwar kameez for events that take place during the day and at night. Choose paler hues for daytime events, such as white, yellow, pearl, peach, sky blue, mauve, and darker hues, such as red, orange, purple, or green for nighttime events.

Body type

If you want to look slimmer, a solid color salwar suit in shades of black, navy blue, bottle green, deep purple, and brown is a safer option. Choose light-colored salwar suits such as white, baby pink, mauve, mint green, peach, periwinkle, and lavender to appear heavier.

Prints and motifs colors

A plain-colored salwar kameez gives the appearance of height. Scattered colors are appropriate for formal events or parties. Concentrated color schemes give the appearance of being slimmer and vertical color prints make you appear taller and more slender.

How to choose salwar suit designs?

Keeping up with the latest salwar kameez designs is essential to enhance your vogue and style. If you opt for a silk salwar suit, you can be sure to look your best on any occasion. The market offers a splendid collection of silk salwar suit designs that can enhance your wardrobe. However, try experimenting with different designs to up your style ante and keep up with the latest fashions.

Straight-cut salwar kameez

The most typical salwar suit ever is the straight kameez. A salwar or churidar bottom can be worn with this type of outfit.

C-cut design

Try the high-low style or the c-cut salwar suit design to flaunt your contemporary fashion sense. Choose a c-cut design for occasions like weddings, religious services, festivals, etc.

Front slit salwar suit

The front of the kameez is split in a front slit salwar suit from the middle to the bottom. Choose a front-slit silk salwar suit to show off your blend of modern and traditional fashion.

Angrakha salwar suit

An asymmetric opening on an angrakha kameez is knotted or fastened at the chest using loops or thread ties. These latest salwar kameez designs give you a royal appearance.

Palazzo kurta set

Palazzo kurta sets are popular because they are easier to wear. You can don palazzo pants with a kameez and look vibrant.

Jacket-style salwar suit

A jacket, kameez, and salwar are all included in the jacket-style salwar suit. Wear the jacket-style silk salwar suit and let your Indian appearance do the talking.

Anarkali suits

Anarkali salwar suits are flared dresses suitable for festivals, weddings, and social gatherings. These outfits bring to life a unique fusion of tradition and fashion that sets women apart.

Sharara salwar suit

Sharara salwar suits are easy to wear and carry. You can wear a sharara silk salwar suit for parties, weddings, and ceremonies.

Patiala salwar suits

The loose-fitting Patiala trousers are favored for their comfortable fit. Silk Patiala suits are in line with modern suit design and are great if you want to appear your simple best.

Janardhana Silk House offers various designs of silk salwar suits at the best price. We know that getting salwar fabric tailored to the latest fashion can be challenging, so we’ve come up with the latest salwar kameez designs so you can choose the ones that best suit your personality and aura.

Kameez neck design and styles

A kameez’s neck design steals the show. It can work wonders with the salwar suit design. Consider the following neck designs and styles when choosing your salwar suit:

• V neck

• Square neck

• Halter neck

• Collar style-neck

• Boat neck

• Round neck

• U neck

The bottom line

If you want to project charisma for any occasion, whether formal or casual, a salwar suit should be your first choice. For a stunning new look that will turn heads wherever you go, shop Janardhana Silk House for a remarkable selection of silk salwar suits.

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