Salwar Kameez

Saree might be the national attire of India but when it comes to complete Indian subcontinent then it is salwar kameez that takes the lead. There is no match to it when it comes to comfort and convenience especially for working women and girls. Girls usually find more comfort in salwar kameez than sarees. Every region, state, and nation in Indian subcontinent has adopted this attire in their regular life with their own versions. While in Kashmir you will see more of silk and woolen suits, the western, central, and southern part of India goes for cotton, silk, and synthetic suits. Every pattern, design, fabric has its own grace and reputation for making lives easier and dignified for women.

Janardhana Silk brings you the same comfort, grace, and elegance wrapped in some of the most unique designs and patterns in cotton and silk. Each section has plethora of designs, patterns, fit, and prices that can meet requirements of people from various segments.

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