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Premium Silk Dupatta

Pattu sarees

If you are looking for an exquisite form of silk sarees, pattu dhoti sarees have got all your answers. Pattu sarees are associated with royal class, grandeur and luxury. Different kinds of pattu dhotis and sarees are available that you can choose for a diva-like look. Known for their pure gold-coated zari border, rich weaving, and heavy contrasting patterns, pattu veshti have been maintaining their sheer position. Veshti is a word that originated from the word ‘Dhoti’. Usually, the material for dhoti is cotton with a gold border.

Just like the brides, modern-day grooms have become fashion-forward. One such attire to assert status and class among royalties is the dhoti or veshti. This garment offers a glimpse of the sartorial world of South India. This unstitched garment is worn by men both for rituals and daily use. Silks are preferred for rituals and special occasions among South Indian men. The pattu veshti symbolizes purity and goodness. Accentuated by either a gold border or a mayilkann border, the pure silk dhoti complements a man’s personality.

Different styles of dhoti

Dhoti is a cultural bottom wear worn by men in India. At present, women also wear this attire for a few occasions. One such dhoti that is popular among women is pure silk dhoti which is draped for grand occasions. Dhotis have been modernized from their usual unstitched looks to the modern trouser look. The most common material used for Dhoti is silk or cotton. Today, readymade dhoti dresses for women are also available online.

Designer dhoti sarees for women

Dhoti sarees are highly appreciated by modern women these days. Those who prefer styling their looks in the most comfortable way embracing the latest women's fashions choose the dhoti style saree. Just like its name dhoti saree looks extremely royal and holds lots of importance in the present era. While we all hope to look different at any festivity or function, choosing a designer dhoti is an ideal choice to look different from the crowd.

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Original pattu veshti is available at Janardhana Silk House (JSH) online. Today’s dhoti style dresses are trending among women in different variations in fabrics, patterns, and cuts as per the modern and contemporary styles. You can grab buying pattu dhoti online from JSH and can design it in different styles.

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