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Linen Sarees: Look gorgeous on every occasion

The linen sarees are one of a kind. Like silk sarees, linen has its own fan following. They come in different styles and types like linen Kota saree, linen pattu sarees, linen cotton sarees, silk linen sarees, etc. Sourced from the flax plant, linen fabric is loved by all. The light, airy, and comfort it provides make it one of the most popular fabrics in the world today. Unlike cotton sarees, linen sarees are a little thicker as they have a lower thread count.

Types of Linen

Printed linen: Printed linen look gorgeous. Some sarees have broad print while others have intricate or detailed print. For a breezy spring season, you can opt for floral-printed linen sarees.

Linen saree with zari work: The zari work gives the saree a rich look. The zari gives linen designer sarees a rich appeal. Though it looks grand it is easy to carry.

Silk linen sarees: The combination of silk with linen gives the fabric of the linen saree a lustrous appearance. The silk linen saree has a rich appeal and is perfect for all special events.

Cotton linen sarees: The unique blend of cotton, as well as linen, provides this saree with a strong texture. The saree can become some of the perfect summer essentials.

Kota silk linen saree: You can brighten your days with a Kota silk linen saree available in different colors for pleasant warm days and dark shades appropriately for different seasons.

How to style linen sarees?

Generally, linen sarees are not heavily embroidered. These sarees look elegant when paired with pearl or diamond jewelry. However, it looks interesting when one pairs linen party wear sarees with designer blouses. Experimenting is the key to getting the vibe of the occasion. At the moment, pastel-colored linen sarees are quite trending. The subtle patterns and prints on the saree provide a stylish appeal. One can also style these sarees with different accessories. Add interesting earrings or even belts to enlighten your beauty. Pure linen sarees have a beautiful design that makes them stand out. You can style them with a watch or stylish footwear.

Specialty of linen

Linen sarees are known for their light and soft fabric. A woman who drapes this saree looks elegant. This fabric is sweat absorbent; hence, you can style it any season. The fabric is extremely strong which makes it of great quality. Today, these sarees are admired by most women because of their smart qualities. Unlike cotton, the fabric is durable and stronger. You can find different types of sarees like linen pattu sarees, designer linen sarees, and more.

Why Choose JSH?

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Top Trending Linen & Kota Silk Sarees - Price List

Linen Sarees

Orissa, Bihar and West Bengal are best known for linen sarees.
For linen sarees or pure linen sarees we suggest dry clean only.
Higher the thread count the better the quality of linen silk sarees and also softer the better.
Kota sarees are hand woven in tiny checks and light fabric.
Kota silk is also called as kota doria and made of pure cotton and silk.
Linen saree or pure linen saree is very easy to drape and falls well.