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Kanjeeevaram silk sarees redefine love at first sight for most Indian women. It paves the perfect way to doll up like an Indian goddess on your wedding day. Created by excelled craftsmen of Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram, these sarees represent the most regal form of Indian silk sarees. Once created and draped by goddesses and majestic queens, the Kanjeevaram with pure zari is now a must have for every discerning Indian female. There is no other way to showcase your love for Indian silk sarees then having a Kanjeevaram with pure zari in your wardrobe. It is widely believed that the ancestors of Kanjeevaram weavers used to create clothes for Divines. Their successors are now forwarding the tradition with equally competent fabric and designs`for all Indian goddesses. Janardhana Silk brings you an exclusive selection of Kanjeevaram sarees with pure zari that will definitely refine and define your taste in Indian silk.

Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

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Mysore Silk Sarees have been deemed as the most elegant outfit for Indian women. One of the most desired and treasured piece of Indian silk, this one can be availed in various types, colors, shades, and designs. Mysore silk has always been appreciated for its softness and lustrous color. Its’ simple design represents elegance with utmost sophistication. Regular Mysore silk sarees come with an intricate golden colored border that enhances the overall appeal of this cloth. These are perfect for both casual and formal occasions. It is also a preferred choice for fashion designers looking to create Indo-western tunics and attires with a modern twist. You will need to take a few extra measures to find the most perfect Mysore silk saree for yourself. To ease the process, we have provided required filters that will help you find the most beautiful piece for your wardrobe.

South Weaves – South Silk Sarees

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South Silk Sarees own a stronghold among Indian silk sarees lovers for their flawless richness and intricate patterns. The collection is full of options, you may choose from pure silk patt, Daramvaram, Kanchipuram, or Mysore silk sarees. Most of these sarees are designed in bold colors and exuberant designs which make these perfect for all celebrations and happy occasions. But given the modern trends, you can now avail many elegant sarees with simple designs and impressive softness. Here in the below given collection, you will find authentic sarees in rarest combination and striking color combinations. We only pick those silk sarees that score high on scales of quality, endurance, and design. If you think we need to add something more, do let us know. We look forward to develop a trusting and long relationship with you.

Tussar Silk Saree

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One of the most amazing gifts from Bhagalpur district, Tussar silk sarees stand apart in their interwoven patterns and high durability. Like several other classes of Indian silk sarees, these are also meant to be cherished for generations. The short fiber weaving imparts this fabric a golden sheen of its own. There is hardly any woman who doesn’t imagines herself draped in finest Tussar silk saree that hugs their body expertly and exudes utmost sophistication, style, and grandeur at once. Tussar silk sarees are perfect for those who wish to invest in something that never goes out of fashion. We bring you some of the most exquisite picks that will definitely enrich your wardrobe.